Electrical Contractors – Reset Your Business & Plan For A Brighter Future
Dates(s) - 05/05/2020 - 05/05/2020 10:30 - 12:00
Online Event, Peterborough, PE2 8WQ
Get the tools & techniques to walk away with a ready-to-implement plan for resetting & rebuilding your electrical contracting business. Register here.

About this Event

Attention: Electrical Contractors Furloughed, part-furloughed, or busy with heroic work on keyworker projects.

As the MD of an Electrical Contractor, regardless of whatever is happening in your business, you are facing some massive unknowns due to the current pandemic.

It might be you’re sat at home, desperately worried about the future of your business because your entire team are furloughed, your cash flow is dwindling and there’s no sign of getting any business in until lockdown ends… whenever that’s going to be…

Or it might be the other extreme where you are under unbearable pressure to manage and deliver keyworker projects right now, resulting in you reacting and making fast decisions that may impact your future business.

Whichever situation you’re in planning through a crisis is key to your long term survival, as none of us know how long this is going to go on for, or what the long term effect on business will be.

In the Reset to Survive online 90-minute information-packed event for electrical contractors,

I’ll be covering the following elements of our 7 sector model

  • Cashflow Control
  • Leadership In A Crisis
  • Communication (internal and external)

Key questions covered will include

  • What you need to do right now to secure cash flow.
  • Government grants, emergency funding, and furlough
  • Your responsibilities as the MD and the mistakes you must avoid
  • What your team can do right now if furloughed that will put you in a better position
  • How to reduce anxiety amongst your workforce if they are on keyworker projects
  • What to do if your business is consumer based
  • How to handle the uncertainty of the situation
  • PPE, rules, the safety of your staff and your responsibility
  • The myths around Coronavirus and your employees
  • What you need to put in place in order to bounce back when the lockdown ends

Where other Electrical Contractors will be crumbling under the pressure, I believe this is the time to dig in and come out stronger as a business after the pandemic.

Can you afford to miss this special online event?

Hosted by the Contractors Coach Emerson Patton Founder of Bright Business Advice.

Having partnered with the ECA, Schneider Electric, Professional Electrician magazine, and SimPRO Software at our live electrical summits events

Bright business advice is here to support UK Electrical Contractors in these unprecedented times using live online zoom workshops with industry leaders and give them the tools to bounce back and build an on-going resilient successful business.