Dealing with Overwhelm
Dealing with Overwhelm
Dates(s) - 09/09/2019 - 09/09/2019 09:30 - 13:00
14 St Giles Close, Holme, Peterborough, PE7 3QZ

With the amount of information overload, high expectations from ourselves and others, and often being ‘on’ 24/7, is it really any wonder we can sometimes feel overwhelmed?

It’s important to not ignore signs of overwhelm. At a minimum, overwhelm can bog us down and prevent us from working optimally. More seriously, we put ourselves at risk of burnout or other stress-related illnesses

The good news is that overwhelm can be mitigated. The first step is being able to identify the signs within yourself (and maybe in others too). There are various tools and techniques that can help to address overwhelm in different ways.

After the Overwhelm workshop, you will:

•Have Definitions of overwhelm and what it means to you
•Know how to recognisesigns of overwhelm
•Understand how to deal with overwhelm when you experience it
•Have ways to mitigate overwhelm going forward