Circular Economy 4.0: how cleantech is powering the circular transition
Circular Economy 4.0: how cleantech is powering the circular transition
Dates(s) - 02/06/2021 - 02/06/2021 10:30 - 12:00
Online event, Peterborough, Online - Zoom
Technology is unlocking so much potential in our economy - but how is it supporting business' transition towards a greener future and developing a circular economy? What action should SMEs take to prepare for new legislation?

This webinar aims to support businesses in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire to become more efficient, self-sustaining and profitable through the integration of environmental sustainability - in particular, the circular economy - and new technologies.

The circular economy aims to move society away from the ‘take-make-dispose’ model - where raw materials are collected, transformed into products, and discarded as waste - into one where resources are used for as long as possible and productive uses are found for waste streams.

Technological advances have boosted the development and implementation of circular business models - driving new processes, new communication channels and new operational efficiencies that enable us to grow our economy sustainably and without consuming more resources than needed across all industries. The model aims to merge business activities with environmental sustainability practices, creating a positive symbiotic relationship between the environment and industry.

The circular economy helps businesses :

  • make their resources last longer
  • reduce reliance, and use of, raw materials
  • recover, repurpose and reuse materials, so less intensive manufacturing is needed and there are fewer costs for resources
  • strengthen local supply chains
  • find new uses for waste streams, which in itself is creating whole new commercial opportunities
  • reduce their carbon footprint

This event is being run by the Circular Peterborough team at Opportunity Peterborough which runs the city’s circular economy programme in partnership with Peterborough City Council. We want to use this workshop to support local SMEs that want to adopt circular economy principles and use new technologies to improve business performance and sustainable outcomes.

Any business at any stage of their circular economy journey is welcome, whether you’re new to the concept, already planning to make changes, or are looking for extra inspiration.

You’ll come away with practical considerations to apply in your business, and resources that can help you identify further opportunities to innovate, improve efficiency, and protect the environment.


    • An introduction to Circular Economy and Circular Peterborough – the 7Rs that could help you develop your circular economy
    • Using circular economy to improve business resilience in a post-covid world. Trevor Gibson, Circular Economy Project Lead, Opportunity Peterborough
    • Cleantech and the Circular Economy for SME’s – Lessons from right-to-repair and supply chain logistics innovators - Holly Stower, Resources & Environment Analyst, Cleantech Group
    • Cleantech in action
      • Digitising manufacturing - GrowIN4.0 project - Lewis Walsh, Anglia Ruskin University
      • Sustainable last mile delivery in cities - Robin Haycock, Fernhay Partners

If you have any questions about the event please email: info@opportunitypeterborough.co.uk

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